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Good "pregnancy" starts with "heart"

Hospital dynamics
2018/10/12 08:45
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Infertility patients are often under pressure from society, family and other aspects. Under the heavier psychological pressure, both men and women will have many bad emotions, which will have serious impact on marriage and family. It is also very unfavorable. Studies have shown that both men and women, under the heavy mental burden, will have a negative impact on treatment, so psychological care is very important for the treatment of infertility patients.
There are three main reasons for the psychological stress of infertility patients: firstly, the pressure from traditional thoughts, and the old sayings are good, "no filial piety has three, no afterwards is big", and it is a deep-rooted traditional concept in China, and it is deeply rooted in China. People's hearts, especially in rural areas and relatively remote areas. Therefore, infertility patients are subject to pressure from the family and spouse, parents, etc., there will be a feeling of sinner; secondly, the pressure from marriage, for a family, the child is the whole family, but also between the husband and wife A bridge, so to speak, a family without children will be an incomplete family, and this feeling will become stronger as the age grows. When I learned that both husband and wife are unable to give birth, the blow to the whole family is very big, leading to the emergence of a crisis, and the relationship between husband and wife will be indifferent, and even some depression will occur; then, pressure from oneself, infertility will not The patient's own psychological tolerance to the disease is limited, which is also the source of psychological pressure for the patient. There are many factors influencing the patient's stress, such as the time of illness, the cause of the disease, and the expected value of treatment. The family background and cultural background of the patient also have an impact on the ability to withstand stress.
Therefore, the psychological nursing of infertility patients is particularly important and urgent. The main measures to alleviate the psychological stress of infertility patients include:
First, play the role of support system: support can be expressed in many forms, such as non-verbal communication and expression on the facial expression, as well as gaze and manners, of course, instruments, gestures and touches, and physical environment may affect the patient's psychological. Therefore, when caring for such patients, pay special attention to words and deeds and every move. Although the purpose of doctors and nurses is to diagnose and treat patients, the actual work is not only a disease, but to a greater extent, to create harmony and warmth for them. The environment is very important for treatment. To show the greatest support to them, we must promote exchanges with friends and relatives, gain understanding, consideration and care, create a relaxed treatment and living environment, help patients to eliminate psychological barriers, meet physiological needs, and increase the chances of pregnancy.
Second, increase communication, provide venting channels: In the shadow of infertility, patients are inevitably anxious and uneasy, you can consider looking for appropriate ways to vent, change the patient's bad mood, venting is also very important for mental health. Nursing staff can interview patients, listen to their complaints, let them talk about the inner thoughts and feelings of the disease, give them the opportunity to vent their emotions, which will help to smooth out the patient's mood and improve the patient's mentality. They are better at treating the treatment.
Third, according to the actual situation of the patient, provide appropriate information on assisted reproductive technology: as a nursing staff in infertility, we must understand and master various assisted reproductive technology indications and contraindications, and be familiar with the time required for treatment and surgery. And information such as fees. According to the actual situation of the patients, give them professional advice and advice, help patients to develop the most appropriate treatment plan, reduce the unnecessary cost of patients, and save treatment time.
4. Transfer psychological stress and relieve tension: help patients change their attitudes, divert their attention, and encourage them to talk to the other party and friends, especially those with the same experience, to relieve stress. Encourage them to participate in activities, stay healthy, and adapt to the needs of diagnosis and treatment. Some patients have a successful case of natural pregnancy after emotional stability. Therefore, we must do proper missionary work and technical guidance. The nursing staff should help them understand the condition and conduct an examination to inform the patient of the final purpose of the examination and treatment as well as the method and time, especially the precautions.
Infertility, although not a deadly disease, has its own particularities, especially the serious impact of the disease on the patient's psychology. These patients are under great psychological pressure, often under the pressure of high spirits and social public opinion. Through psychological care for infertile patients, grasp and guide the patient's psychological state, and resolve the patient's bad mood, so that they can establish the confidence of treatment, with treatment, at the same time, provide appropriate information on assisted reproductive technology, do a good job in mission work and Therapeutic technical guidance allows both men and women to relieve and alleviate mental pain, relax patients, receive regular treatment, improve pregnancy rate and improve quality of life.
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