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5 small recipes to effectively eliminate baby snoring

Hospital dynamics
2018/10/12 08:24
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Looking at how difficult it is for your baby to fight, how can you help your baby to relieve the symptoms of snoring?
The following 5 small recipes can help your baby to effectively relieve snoring.
1. When the baby is snoring, first lift the baby up, gently pat the back and feed the hot water.
2, the baby is picked up, with one hand's index finger tip gently scratching the baby's mouth or ear, usually until the baby cries, snoring will naturally disappear. Because the nerves at the mouth are sensitive, tickling can relax the nerves and the snoring disappears.
3, the baby is picked up, stimulate the soles of the feet to make them cry, can terminate the sudden contraction of the diaphragm.
4. Don't feed your baby when it is too hungry or crying very badly. This is also a measure to prevent your baby from snoring.
5. When the baby is snoring, use toys to tease or deliver soft music to transfer their emotions and reduce the frequency of snoring.
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Hospital dynamics